Semi Granola Mom

Leading a more natural lifestyle

Being from California, I guess you could say, I was born into the hippy life. There is just a more natural vibe and lifestyle on the west coast. From a young age I was never a fan of putting products on my body like perfumes and make up. Granted was rather sporty so that strengthened my lack of interest in "girly" products. Plus we swam a lot and the thought of products rinsing off my face and hair into the water always grossed me out. Thus began my semi granola life.

Fast forward to 2010 when I  found Norwex rags and loved the concept of chemical free cleaning.

I had 2 kids at that point and the thought of not subjecting them to fumes resonated with me.

Baby number 3 arrived the end of that year with a lot of skin sensitivities, we found honest brand products online including chemical free diapers and my desire to learn more about being more natural grew even stronger. 

I was introduced to DoTerra essential oils in 2013 when we were struggling to get pregnant.

My husband had been on enbrel for a few years by then, which can affect sterility,

so was looking for a way to wean him off his meds long enough so we could get pregnant.

Baby number four arrived the next year ;)

Through my learning about oils I discovered crystals and the concepts behind how the different minerals vibrate on specific levels and how that can affect our cells and loved it.

My Perfectly Posh journey began March 20, 2018, when I signed up for the kit without ever having tried a single product. Fell in love with almost all of their products, including their CBD line and now the rest is history.

I followed Wink Naturals for a few years and finally pulled the trigger when I learned about their Comfort Patches and wanted to try them out for my husband's r.a. I joined March 19, 2021, and am excited to share how I have implemented their products into my my more holistic life style.

Some of the many factors that make me a

Semi Granola Mom